10 Most Powerful Tips to Become Successful Freelancer

10 Most Powerful Tips to Become Successful Freelancer

As everyone knows, Freelancing is the most common professional nowadays. Most people want to become successful Freelancers but they get to fail. There are so many reasons behind this.

Well, only creating an account on any traditional freelancing platform will not make you a millionaire instantly. Behind every successful person, there is hard work of days and nights. But sometimes we need some smart work instead of hard work.

In this article, I’m going to tell you 10 smart and easy tips which can make you a Successful Freelancer.

1. Build Profile that Speaks True Image of Your Skills

This point is very important. Many people just create profiles just for formality or some of them never spend time to build an effective profile. I believe this is their first and last mistake. Your customer wants to know about your skills in very much detail. There should be no rush on setting up a profile. Give maximum time, and build an effective profile that should speak about you and your skills.
One thing you need to be careful if you’re a web developer then create a profile with web development skills only. Don’t make a rush on your profile by adding skills of another category.

2. Use Grammarly – English Improvement Tool

As we talked about building a profile in the previous point, so this point is very necessary to stay away from grammar, spelling, or any other kind of English mistakes. Get cleaned up. Bad written English can put a very bad impact on your client.  Grammarly is a tool, which you can install on your PC or Mobile. This will help you to highlight or auto-correct your mistakes.

3. A Good Profile Photo

Don’t even think about using a selfie or a really weird close-up webcam photo as your profile picture. That’s a mistake most amateur freelancers make. Dress well. And ask someone else to take your picture. Make sure not to give too much attention to the background. More importantly, SMILE!

Did you know that smiling not only makes you more attractive and look confident, but studies have found that it also increases your chances of getting promoted in your job. If you can, go to a studio and get a photograph taken by a professional. It’ll be worth it.

In Pakistan, this is a common problem for Female Freelancer. But that does not mean a Female Freelancer should skip using Profile Photo. NO! If you’re not allowed to use original photo then create any free logo via different online tools available like Canva.com

4. Describe Your Qualifications And Experience

It’s best to include a sentence or two about your qualifications and experience in your bio. But, try not to brag too much. Don’t be like this guy.

Also, use the “Employment History,” “Education,” and the “Other Experiences” sections to add more personality to your profile.

5. Your Portfolio

90% of customers on different freelancing platforms demand your previous work to judge your skills and capabilities. So, the portfolio is the most necessary thing to WIN the job. Graphic designers can showcase their work on Behance Platform but I’ll recommend always create a website for your portfolio. This part is necessary for any type of freelancer. If he is Web developer, Graphic designer, Data Entry Operator, or even an Accountant. Having your own website can help you to put on your Previous Work. You can use your website to display your Digital Resume. And this can sound good. For a website, you must need a domain name and web hosting. I can recommend both things to buy from MRM Solution

6. Perfect Proposal

Writing a perfect proposal can help you 95% to WIN the job. A serious buyer or customer never wants to get bored with your lengthy Introduction. A client is always in hurry, he is only focused to get his issue resolved. He just wants to know the solution to the problem he is facing. He is not interested to know your experience, your birth location, or blah blah. Try to discuss the solution to the job in your proposal. Ask questions to clients relevant to the job.

7. Offer Free Mockup or Ideas

You can impress your customer by giving him free services or mockup ideas. Tell them, you have an idea for your website project, you can make it more pretty close to his desire. If you complete a job and your customer is happy at the end then be ready, he is going to give you another job for sure.

8. Response Time

As I told you before, the client cannot wait! When a client posts a job, there are so many freelancers who place bids. If you also did bid and luckily got a message from the client and you’re responding back to him after a couple of hours, that means you’re not in a mood to get this job. Your client will fly away. He will start taking interviews with someone else. So, keeping your response time is very important. I know nobody can take laptops everywhere but you can install a mobile application of your freelancing platform to get notified of each communication.

9. Go Extra Mile

Always keep in mind that offering customers extra services is a Golden Key to Success in business. If you’re a beginner you can do this easily. If the customer wants a website, you can offer him after-sale support for free. Give your customer premium support. He will definitely come back with more orders or they will highly recommend your services to others.

10. Keep in Contact with Old Clients

Never ever leave alone your old customers. Try to collect their email address for the promotion of your future services. Tell them you’ve learned new skills so if they have any relevant work they can hire you confidentially like before. Ask them if they need any other project that needs to be done then you’re available as always.


A Few More Tips For Going Forward

  • Run A Spell and Grammar Check: Use a tool like Grammarly to check your profile bio for any errors before making it public. It will only take a few seconds to save yourself from a huge embarrassment.
  • Steal It: If you can’t figure out what to write in your description or even how to write it, check out some of the successful freelancer profiles to get an idea.
  • Ask For Reviews: Most clients will immediately leave a review once a job is complete, but don’t be afraid to ask for a review if they didn’t.
  • Ask For Referrals: If your client says you did a great job, then ask them to refer you to other clients. There’s no shame in asking for a referral or help.
  • Add A Video: UpWork now allows you to include a video in your freelancer profile. This is a great way to attract more attention to your profile. But, not mandatory.

, your freelancer profile is your online CV. So, don’t make it too personal. Forget about your hipster styles, selfies, and emojis. Be professional, or try to act as one.

Now, go wow your clients with your amazing profile. 🙂

I hope this article will help you grow your freelancing career. If you have any other suggestions then just put them in the comment section below. Best of luck!

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