Top 10 Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

Top 10 Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

Framework such as Laravel provides us with an expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel makes development a creative, enjoyable and truly fulfilling experience. Laravel is such a handy framework that it helps you ease your routine tasks, used in most web projects such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. Apart from being accessible, it also provides powerful tools needed for massive, robust applications.

An expressive migration system, brilliant reversal of control container, and highly integrated unit testing support will give you the tools you need to build any application you are assigned with.

Here we will outline some of the unique features of the Laravel framework, which will justify why it is gaining so much recognition.


1. Template Tool

Laravel has a pre-installed powerful and lightweight template engine, helping developers in making some extraordinary layouts with intensive content seeding. Laravel template offers various solid widgets with robust CSS and JS coding. Its inbuilt templates are there to accumulate plain PHP and cached it to give the great performance. All the templates are designed with different sections along with simple layouts which make it easier to develop a simple yet functional layout.

2. Authentication and Authorization

Some of the best Laravel development companies assure secure authentication and authorization. Any web application owner needs to be assured of having authentic and authorized users accessing the secured resources. Implementation of authorization is quite simple as almost everything is configured out-of-the-box. Laravel also facilitates a basic method that sorts out the authorization logic and control access which are well-organized and very easy to manage.

3. Inbuilt Libraries

Laravel is the framework that facilitates you at best by being the only provider having dynamic pre-installed libraries. These libraries include Object Oriented libraries that cannot be found in other PHP frameworks. Besides offering hassle-free implementation, it also contains various features like watchword reset,  checking dynamic clients, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) insurance, and encryption. Additionally, Laravel has a helper functionality, helping you encourage and achieve various basic undertakings i.e.firing events,  generating views, sending HTTP responses to the server etc. This is a significant feature that is found exclusively in Laravel.

4. URL Generations

Laravel also assist in generating URLs which becomes very helpful for building links in your templates.  All Laravel corridors are effectively laden by the framework which is delineated in the app/Http/routes.php file. When a user clicks or types a link, they want to see the desired content, such as an article, a product description, etc. which is not possible without the assistance of URL routing. As the web application will never understand what the user wants to see and may instead display a blank page or an error page.  Laravel framework provides a very plain route description strategy by simply accepting a URI and a Closure.

5. Integration with Mail Services

Mail service integration is another benefit that Laravel provides. It is used to send notifications to users’ to notify them about the various events that take place. It has become inconceivable nowadays, to have a modern online application that lacks simple email notification to new customers portraying their promising web registration. It also provides drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP’s “mail” function and Amazon SES which allows an application to get started speedily.

6. MVC Architecture Support

While you google what Laravel is, Wikipedia’s definition states that it follows a Model – View – Controller architecture. And this is the factor which makes Laravel the best framework to use for your web application development. It enhances the performance, ensures clarity and allows for better documentation. It makes it easier to change the template and the underlying codes. In short, it’s built-in functionalities ease the overall process.

7. Technical Vulnerabilities Fixture

Laravel is a secure platform that takes care of the security within its framework. It safeguards web application against the most serious security risks such as; SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. It can inform you first-hand if the codebase is guarded, and that many people have vetted the code. Therefore, any laravel development company is confident and will be sure to assure you of the framework’s security.

8. Artisan Tool for Command Line

Generally, a developer needs to interact with the Laravel framework using a command line that develops and manages the Laravel project environment. Laravel provides an integrated command – line tool called Artisan. This tool helps to create skeleton code and database architecture as well as their migrations. Database management becomes easier as a result. It enables the generation of basic MVC files and the formation of custom commands. Artisan tool allows us to perform almost all of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most developers avoid manually. Moreover, we can also conduct Unit tests for our application.

9. Fine Unit Testing

In Laravel’s unit testing, every module of your web application is tested before the site goes live so that no part of your website remains broken. Fine unit testing ensures that there are no bugs or exceptions in your web application which makes a high-performance and bug-free and ultimately hassle- free application for your end users.  It is another exception of Laravel framework.

10. Multi-Lingual App Creator

Apart from all the other benefits that Laravel’s development services provide, creation of multi-lingual apps is another one. It is indeed the right option for businesses looking to expand their reach across different countries with different languages. Laravel framework helps create your web application easily and quickly for different languages.

Laravel is Popular For a Number of Reasons


Developers can begin building a Laravel application in just a few minutes. It is always a huge time-saver. A laravel web development company facilitates ideal tools and pleasant ideas that help you build a robust website which is faster and easy to manage. The reasons for Laravel’s popularity mentioned here are just the tip of an ice berg. There are multiple other reasons that makes Laravel the best framework.

Laravel is popular because:

  • Tasks that typically take hours and hundreds of lines of code to write can be performed with pre-built functions within few minutes with Laravel framework. For instance, cache (to enhance performance), authentication (social login integration) etc. are already instituted in Laravel’s new installation which makes the development easier, faster and more efficient!
  • Writing unit tests is a time – consuming task, but the effort spent is definitely worthwhile because software testing provides product or service quality information to customers. Laravel testing is, fortunately, already integrated into the framework!
  • Developers don’t have to spend too much time analyzing best practices in developing and maintaining web applications and taking decisions on how to properly implement everything because the documentation in Laravel framework is detailed. You can find various courses, code snippets, tutorials on Laravel. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel framework is pleasing and welcoming.


Laravel’s creator, Taylor Otwell says, “Laravel is the strongest contended in the PHP ecosystem simply because it includes the features needed to build modern web applications”. And certainly, we believe he’s right as the Laravel PHP framework is among the figureheads in the recent global tech stack. Laravel is one of the renowned features of PHP frameworks which provides valuable attributes with its extensive online, strong community support. When developing the web application, it includes the creative logic of a developer along with strategies for handling or bug fixing. Moreover, it is scalable and it helps you make timely and cost-effective software delivery meeting all your business needs.  It is the high time that you should immediately opt for a laravel development company USA to get the most professional laravel development services USA.

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