Top 5 Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020

Top 5 Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020

Want to become a famous blogger? Looking for some of the best blog niches to make money?


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With the rise in technology and the easy availability of the internet, more and more individuals are looking forward to becoming a professional blogger.

Making money from your blog is a totally different scenario than just blogging for fun.

Blogging takes time to reach its full potential.

The key traits to making money from your blog are to be passionate about writing and be patient.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Another important factor is to write on a niche that you feel passionate about.

Writing on something that you will eventually get bored of is a waste of time.

When you feel passionate about writing on a particular niche, it motivates you to provide the best content.

Targeting the right audience is another important factor that must be achieved.

With the right audience can your blog prosper.

Growing an audience in the world of blogging is a long-term game; if your interest in a niche disappears after a few months, you probably won’t see any profit at all.

One of the main questions is which niche of the blog can help you to earn money.

There are many best blog niches that can help you to make money.

Many blog niches have recently grown and can be used to make money in the coming year.

Here are the 5 Best Blog Niches that can Help You to Make Money in 2020


1. Technical Blog

Technology is a topic that is developing every day.

People are looking to get updates on the daily launch and changes in technology.

Technology has positively transformed the face of professionalism.

This has become one of the hottest blog niches.

If you are passionate about the latest gadgets and exploring the latest tech, you should start a tech blog.

Your main aim should be to attract audiences by giving out your knowledge of the technology space.

Your target audience will be looking for the latest technology news and want your blog to be the place where they can find everything related to technology.

If you are able to recognize the latest tech available in the market and educate your viewers on budget and practical specifications, you will become their hub for tech-related things.

One of the major benefits of selecting technology over other best blog niches is that it is a vast field.

Every week, hundreds of tech companies are developing and releasing products.

Therefore, you won’t face a lack of content to provide to your viewers.

As the field of technology has a wide variety of topics, you will have a number of sub-niches to post content on.

You can create blogs that are directed towards providing information on mobile devices, applications, operating systems, mobile games, etc.

You can also create a blog that gives information regarding the updates in Windows and Mac.

PC gaming is another vibrant field to shed knowledge on.

Reviews of the latest products are very much in demand as viewers tend to gain more knowledge about the products.

2. Digital Marketing Blog

One of the most trending professions in this modern world is digital marketing.

There has been a massive increase in job opportunities in this field.

With the advancement in technology, the digital space has rapidly grown.

Digital marketing is one of the in-demand blog niches.

Digital marketing is a large field that has gradually grown over the years.

Many people are searching to brush up their digital marketing expertise with the decreasing reliance on traditional marketing approaches.

Businesses are now working to refresh their online presence and get the word out of their line of offers.

The advantages of implementing expert digital marketing strategies for your business are infinite.

Digital marketing consists of all the marketing done via the website, search engines, social media, mobile applications, etc.

Creating a digital marketing blog not only helps you to make money but will also enable you to learn more and apply it yourself.

You can create a blog on sub-niches such as social media marketing, web designing, web optimization, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

By giving out more information regarding the changes in the algorithms of different search engines and social media platforms, you can attract audiences.

Educating your audience on how to conduct market analysis and developing business strategies will also help to build a positive following.

3. Fashion Blog

Creating a fashion blog is a huge step, as it needs to be updated almost every week.

But the best part about it that a fashion blog will never go obsolete.

The fashion blog is one of those blog niches that will never go out of trend.

Style is what we are wearing and how we are wearing it.

If you want to start your own blog, the fashion niche is highly profitable.

Whether you want to keep it simple or prefer to dazzle, all of us have made investments in fashion.

Not only does it covers the clothes we wear but also the cosmetics, perfumes, accessories we use as well.

People love to invest money in looking good and often seek guidance over the internet.

This is where you can capitalize and give solutions to their queries.

Start a fashion blog and write informative posts about trends in fashion, new releases, major fashion weeks and more.

Don’t just simply repeat what’s out there; share your unique view of stories related to fashion.

You can sub-categorize it further into fashion trends and beauty and cosmetics.

This would widen your niche and help you to attract a wide range of audiences.

4. Travelling Blog

This is one of the most exciting blog niches as traveling is a fantasy for most people nowadays.

People stay busy with their workload, stress, and big-city hassles.

The travel niche is the right fit for you if you’re excited about traveling & curious about new experiences.

Traveling is relaxing for many people, and for travel destinations and tips, you can be their go-to-person.

People who love to see the world and write about it manage the best travel blogs.

When you can’t afford to travel yet, you can vicariously relive other people’s experiences.

You need to fine-tune your skills in analysis and storytelling.

You must also show the secret beauty of the finest locations.

Guest writers can also be engaged to share their travel experiences.

There are many hacks and tips for traveling that encourage travelers on the road to save money.

You should write informative blog posts for travelers.

For example, you can write on topics like how to save money while traveling or how to prevent scams from travel agents.

You can also educate people on how to take advantage of discount deals and cash rewards.

You can conduct a survey or extract information from review websites and write extensive reviews of these airlines and travel companies.

Write guides that help backpackers plan and travel soundly.

5. Health Blog

One of the most looked up blog niches over the internet is a health blog.

The health and fitness industry has diversified its activities since the rise of the internet and has sought ways to reach and communicate online with its audience.

The need to stay fit means that people will always look for procedures of anti-aging, diet strategies, work out schemes and more.

This is a major reason health is one of the most profitable blog niches.

The good thing about blogging in the health and wellness niche is that you don’t have to be a trainer or a medical professional with credentials.

If you’re serious about learning and providing answers, even without these qualifications, you will make it big in the health and fitness niche.

Health and fitness is an extensive topic.

You won’t have to waste time finding content.

Write a comprehensive review surrounding every perspective of the product and let your audience know exactly what to expect from using these items.

Create blogs that concentrate on food and diet.

To inspire and empower your audience, you can also share stories about weight loss.

You can create a blog for everyone that focuses on posting healthier food recipes.

Share information on food, strength training, psychological preparation, and facilities.

Share tips on fighting stress and tidying their lives.

Teach readers how to care for their skin while recommending daily use of beneficial skincare products.

This would help you to attract targeted audience.


Start your journey of blogging with something you connect deeply.

Be patient and passionate, and you will be rewarded for your hard work.

A whole blog niche list has been mentioned, while whole other topics are yet to be discovered.

For a start, you can definitely use some of the blog niches that are analyzed above.

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